No Activity

May 16, 2021
Brian P Dean
No Activity is over! It's back to Thera!

Work on Thera hasn’t progressed as much as I’d have liked over the past few months. There’s been no activity because of all the time spent on No Activity. Now that No Activity is over, activity can once again begin. No Activity is the animated show I’ve been working on for the past 4 months, and has kept me busy causing no activity on Thera...and...I know there’s a better joke in there somewhere but after twenty minutes I gave up. My brain is mush. 

Catch No Activity on Paramount+

The show was delivered this past week. I finished up on Thursday. It was a mad scramble to get everything done. Working on episodic television was a lot different from feature films. The shot quotas were far beyond a feature film workload. My previous record for shots shipped in a single week was 11 (on Epic). I shattered that on this project. I’m not even sure what the actual count was but I believe I shipped about 20 shots in a single week. It was crazy, there were long days, and lots of stress trying to keep up. But I was fortunate enough to have a great team to work with. 

The point of this blog post is not to promote the show. However, you should watch it. It is actually very funny. (Adult humor, not for the kids.) The point is to explain why things have been slow going, and to announce that now that No Activity has wrapped, priorities can once again shift to Thera full time.

And, as I have teased in previous blog posts, there are a lot of updates and lots of news. Writing up a comprehensive blog post with all the good stuff that’s been going on is a top priority on next week’s to do list. And there is nothing but Thera stuff on next week’s to do list!  For now, my brain is still a bit soggy, and a nice long weekend to rest up is exactly what I need. So...tune in next week. It will be time. Finally. All the news. All the updates.

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